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    2019 Advent Readings

    11.26.19 | Worship | by John Jones

    1st Sunday in Advent Sunday the 1st:     Genesis 1.26-31     The Creation of Man   Monday the 2nd:      Genesis 3.1-24     The Fall and the First Promise...

      Thankfully Assigned Hard Work

      07.25.19 | Worship | by Render Caines

      It was good to worship with you all this past Sunday. Following the service, I told Pastor Jones that I thought his sermon on Psalm 136 was one of the better sermons I’d ever heard from anyone. I also told him I was going to “rip it...

        Too Much Preaching

        06.13.19 | Worship | by John Jones

        Every aspect of a sermon is of great interest to me: proposition, structure, language, tone, illustration, delivery, even sermon length. Wesley confessed that he preached for three hours on at least one occasion. Jonathan Edwards preached more...