Resolution Making for Men

01.26.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

Resolution Making for Men

    CSN is a miscellany from John’s interdisciplinary reading and listening intake. The notebook is sometimes theological. Sometimes cultural. Sometimes devotional.

    I am not sure if you are resolution-making by nature. I tend to think that part of being human is to live life rather rhythmically. Rising up and sitting down, sleeping and waking, working and resting, feasting and fasting, etc., are actions that feel to me rather rhythmic. New Year resolution-making seems to fit.   

    Crossway is celebrating the publication some thirty years ago of Kent Hughes’ wonderful book, Disciplines of a Godly ManIn the Crossway interview, Kent reminds men that their need for spiritual disciple is just as great now as it was in 1991 (and in 1998, when I first read it). 

    I appreciate a few things about this book in particular. I appreciate Kent’s approach to focusing on the right texts from Scripture, properly understood with regards to context and meaning (that is, original language). He applies Scripture carefully. Second, I appreciate his constant awareness of the slip into legalism. He addresses legalism and grace throughout. Third, I appreciate his rigorous and fearless defense of spiritual discipline. I have witnessed this in his personal life, but reading this book again reminds me that men are often sold a lie that manliness is about workaholism, negotiating the deal, killing deer, rooting for the right team, and broadcasting your opinions with volume.  

    Take a listen to the interview. Don’t be afraid of a resolution or two going into the New Year (he references this in the interview). 

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