Clarke and Khrystya Norton

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Clarke and Khrystya Norton worked for over 12 years in a Presbyterian church plant in Lviv, which is in western Ukraine. Khrystya herself is Ukrainian.


They are presently here in the US where Clarke is finishing a Master’s in Counseling at Covenant Seminary. But their plan to return to Ukraine later this year has been rendered uncertain by the Russian attack. . They are currently in Poland where they are busy ministering to the large number of refugees who have been displaced because of fighting in Ukraine. Regardless of the war’s outcome, Clarke hopes to return to Ukraine and use his counseling skills to minister to those traumatized by the conflict.


Despite the grave challenges Ukraine now faces in its darkest hour, we remain convinced that the greatest hope for Ukraine (as for Russia and the entire world) is in the spread of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the growth of His church. May our Lord’s faithful work to build his church throughout Ukraine continue even in the face of war.



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