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    Hymn-Singing Cannibals

    08.15.19 | by John Jones

    One wonders if the cutting-edge church of late-nineteenth-century Scotland could compete with the American church of today. In light of cultural change at 10,000 mbps, could the kilt-wearing Scottish kirk keep up? Sunday morning...

      He Descended Into Hell?

      08.01.19 | by John Jones

      The phrase from the Apostles’ Creed, “He descended into hell,” tends to generate a lot of questions. Part of the confusion stems from the fact that the phrase is shocking. The picture of Jesus walking about in a fiery chasm...

        Everyday Introductions

        07.11.19 | Discipleship | by John Jones

        “The good news for the members of the graduating class who plan to enter the ordained ministry is that you don’t have to invent your own Gospel. All of the church hopes you will be imaginative and resourceful. It doesn’t expect...

          Too Much Preaching

          06.13.19 | Worship | by John Jones

          Every aspect of a sermon is of great interest to me: proposition, structure, language, tone, illustration, delivery, even sermon length. Wesley confessed that he preached for three hours on at least one occasion. Jonathan Edwards preached more...


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