2019 Advent Readings

11.26.19 | Worship | by John Jones

2019 Advent Readings

    1st Sunday in Advent

    Sunday the 1st:
         Genesis 1.26-31
         The Creation of Man


    Monday the 2nd:
         Genesis 3.1-24
         The Fall and the First Promise of
         Redemption (Genesis 3.15)


    Tuesday the 3rd:
         Deuteronomy 18.15-19
         A Prophet Greater Than Moses Will Come


    Wednesday the 4th:
         Isaiah 7.10-14
         A Virgin With Child - Immanuel


    Thursday the 5th:
         Isaiah 11.1-5
         A Shoot From the Stem of Jesse


    Friday the 6th:
         Isaiah 19.20-25
         Savior and Deliverer to Egypt


    Saturday the 7th:
         Isaiah 40.1-11
         Comfort for God’s People/His Promised Coming


    2nd Sunday in Advent

    Sunday the 8th:
         Isaiah 42.1-4
         Behold My Servant


    Monday the 9th:
         Isaiah 49.1-7
         Servant to Bring Salvation to the Ends of the Earth


    Tuesday the 10th:
         Isaiah 53.1-12
         The Suffering Servant


    Wednesday the 11th:
         Isaiah 61.1-3
         The Spirit of God is Upon Him


    Thursday the 12th:
    Jeremiah 23.5-6
         Raise Up for David a Righteous Branch


    Friday the 13th:
    Micah 5.1-5
         The Promise of a Deliverer in Bethlehem


    Saturday the 14th:
         Zechariah 9.9-10
         Your King is Coming


    3rd Sunday in Advent

    Sunday the 15th:
         Malachi 3.1
         The Messenger is Coming


    Monday the 16th:
         Luke 1.1-25
         The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold


    Tuesday the 17th:
         Luke 1.26-38
         The Announcement to Mary


    Wednesday the 18th:
         Luke 1.39-56
         Elizabeth and Mary


    Thursday the 19th:
         Luke 1.57-66
         The Birth of John


    Friday the 20th:
         Luke 2.1-20
         The Birth of Jesus Christ


    Saturday the 21st
    Luke 2.21-38
         Presentation in the Temple


    4th Sunday in Advent

    Sunday the 22nd:
    Colossians 1.15-23
         The Preeminent Christ


    Monday the 23rd:
    Revelation 5.1-14
         Worthy is the Lamb


    Tuesday the 24th:
    Revelation 21.1-7
         The New Heaven and New Birth