Midweek Meals December 2019

12.03.19 | Midweek | by Nicky Lewin

Midweek Meals December 2019

    This article provides a meal schedule for 2019 December Midweek.

    Please join us for a meal on Wednesday nights!  Below you'll find our weekly meal plan.  We always provide a make-your-own salad bar each week. 

    Please note that while we try to keep our food allergy safe, we are not an allergy-free kitchen and cannot guarantee that our food will not have a cross-contamination.


    December 4 -
         Cream of Tomato Soup (N/G free)
         French Onion (D/N/G free)
         Chicken Noodle Soup (D/N free)
         Cheesy Dipping Bread (N free) (Cheese-free bread available)
         Salad Bar
         Chocolate Bread Pudding (N free)

    December 11 -
         Beef Burgundy (D/N/G free)
         Kid's Choice Option: Chicken Nuggets 

         Mashed Potatoes (N/G free)
         Green Beans (D/N/G free)
         Artesian Bread (D/N free)
         Salad Bar
         Peppermint Chocolate Cake (N free)
         Kid's Choice Option: Chicken Nuggets

    December 18 - No Supper

    December 23 - No Supper