Sunday School Lesson for 2 Year Olds - Kindergarten 

Sunday School Lesson for Grades 1-5


Our Children's Ministry organizes two primary ministries each week, first one Sunday mornings and the second on Midweek beginning at 6:15 p.m.

Our Sunday Morning Children's Ministry emphasizes learning and growth in Christ with scripture memorization, and catechism work.  For information on specific curriculum please contact our Children's Ministry Director Crystal Middleton.  

Our Midweek Children's Ministry is divided into two sections.  Beginning at 6:15p.m.  children ages 4 through Kindergarten (age 3 with a parent) are invited to the world of praising God through song by learning how to sing, what makes up music, and movement exercises to teach rhythmic understanding.  Special programs will be presented twice a year.  

At 6:15p.m. Children in First-Fifth grade are invited to learn musical concepts needed for reading and making music in order to praise God through song.  For questions about the children's music ministry please email our Music and Worship Director Jeremy Gaines.

Beginning at 7:00p.m. Children ages 2-5th grade are welcome to join our Midweek discipleship groups.  

  • Skippers – (Ages 2-3) “Hearing About God” The Skipper club introduces young children to God and the Bible.
  • Scooters – (Ages 4-K) “Learning About Living”  The Scooter club introduces the concepts of building relationships, teamwork, and collaboration in Bible-based lessons.
  • Hikers – (Grades 1-2) and Adventurers – (Grades 3-5) “Exploring God’s Word” The Hiker and Adventurer club explores the Bible and what it has to say about our relationships with Him, others, and His creation.
  • If attending choir before Club time, volunteers will escort children to their appropriate classroom.  Parents can pick up Kindergarten age children and younger at 7:45p.m. in their classroom, while older children will be released on their own.

Contact Crystal Middleton for more information on our Children's Midweek discipleship program.

In addition to our primary weekly ministry, please be on the look for various Children's Ministry events throughout the year.  You can find our church calendar events here

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