Good Fabric

    01.07.21 | Pastoral Care | by John Jones

    This fabric of togetherness is interwoven in the Christian life at creation; God’s own opinion is that aloneness is not good. Dear saints, the Christian fabric says “togetherness” because we need this to live.

      OCC Update

      12.17.20 | Missions & Outreach | by Judy Foster

      You have given generously in so many different ways, using many different gifts. Whether you packed a box, donated items, helped on packing day, worked the Collection site, gave money for shipping and/or evangelism, carried boxes to the chancel...

        God Knows

        11.19.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

        Following Christ requires independent and courageous thinking and acting. The choice often leads us to go against the flow, to stand opposing, to resist the wisdom of the crowd.

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