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    01.24.23 | Children's Ministry | by Sara Southard

    In the Bible, right at the very beginning, God tells us that He created the universe. He spoke, and everything from the sky over our heads to the tiniest fish...

      Christmas: the Mourner's Holiday

      12.20.22 | Shepherding | by Jake Bennett

      A few years ago I sat down across from a saintly grandmother who had lost her husband of 42 years earlier that same year. Her name was Norma and she had one question for me: “Why did I set the extra plate for Christmas dinner?”

        For a Goodly Fragrance

        12.13.22 | Worship | by John Wykoff

        That a church our size would offer a Christmas play or pageant (or in our case produce an extravagant concert) is so customary nowadays that it hardly seems necessary to provide justification for it. However, I have a special reason for wanting...

          Life's Most Important Question

          12.06.22 | Youth Ministry | by Ryan Hamilton

          One of my favorite things about being a Youth Director is the privilege I have to walk alongside students during the formative years of middle and high school. The joy of discipling students is rooted in the fact that they are beginning to...

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