The Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep (John 10.11-16). At Covenant, our elders seek to serve as under-shepherds, caring for God’s people. Shepherding is about relationships: knowing, caring, and praying for those to whom God has given us. As God brings us into relationship with Himself, so also, our elders our desire is to build relationships with each member that reflects His faithful love.

To help shepherd the members of our church, the Session has placed every member under the oversight of an elder. Upon joining the church, each member is placed into a shepherding flock. Each flock has an elder who regularly pursues and prays for each of their members. At times these flocks may meet as large groups. If there is an immediate prayer request, struggle, or crisis in your life, please reach out and share it with your shepherding elder or one of our pastors.

A new aspect of our shepherding ministry is called Connect. Connect is an extension of our shepherding ministry in which members meet weekly with a small group of other members of our church for prayer, growth, and support. These Connect groups focus on regular, weekly care for participants under the direct supervision of our elder-led Connect leadership. With Connect small groups, the primary shepherding care comes from these weekly meetings.

As we develop this aspect of our shepherding ministry, would you consider letting us know if you would be interested in knowing more or participating in a small group?

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