In Him, In Him, In Him

    06.20.19 | Discipleship | by Eric Mullinax

    Over the past weekend, I joined a large television audience to watch the USGA golf championship taking place in Carmel, California. There was much to admire in the telecast. The course, itself, is stunningly beautiful as it stretches along cliffs...

      Too Much Preaching

      06.13.19 | Worship | by John Jones

      Every aspect of a sermon is of great interest to me: proposition, structure, language, tone, illustration, delivery, even sermon length. Wesley confessed that he preached for three hours on at least one occasion. Jonathan Edwards preached more...

        Music Camp

        06.06.19 | Youth Ministry | by Jeremy Gaines

        Music Camp 176 campers, along with 70 teachers and helpers, have converged upon CPC’s campus this week, working together to prepare for a musical in one week’s time. Days have been filled with singing, drama, recess, crafts, Bible...

          Our Messy Brokenness

          05.16.19 | Discipleship | by Jake Bennett

          “Blessed be my rich Lord Jesus, who sendeth not away beggars from his house with a toom [empty] dish. He filleth the vessels of such as will come and seek. We might beg ourselves rich (if we were wise), if we could but hold out our withered...


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