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    Gift Giving

    03.04.21 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

    Wondering what good gift to give that special someone for a birthday, anniversary, or Pi Day (3-14)? The possibilities seem endless… and sometimes, so does the angst over finding just the right gift. Jesus indicates that like our earthly...

      Super Bowl Ads

      02.11.21 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

      Why are companies willing to fork out so much money on marketing? Well, there appears to be good reasons! ... Millenia before Madison Avenue marketers were persuading customers to judge by image, wrapping, and covers, we were already judging by...

        Jesus Reigns

        01.14.21 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

        With regular inundation of pandemic statistics, governmental chaos, and disheartening displays of public insurrection, I need to be reminded that Jesus reigns.

          God Knows

          11.19.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

          Following Christ requires independent and courageous thinking and acting. The choice often leads us to go against the flow, to stand opposing, to resist the wisdom of the crowd.

            THE Gardener

            11.12.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

            Such a reading of the world’s creation and thoughts of the Master gardener tending to me, stirred a response similar to David’s … “when I survey this vast world, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars and all that you have established...


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