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    03.26.20 | Discipleship | by Eric Mullinax

    There is something both sad and ironic about intentionally creating physical separation between those in our communities. We still have other ways to connect…calls, cards, FaceTime, texts, emails, Skype, etc.  However, for the...


      02.27.20 | by Eric Mullinax

      A woman spent her entire life as a worrier. As a small child, she sat in her father's lap and would momentarily lay aside her fretting. He would take his thumb and smooth the wrinkles on her forehead. "Now, keep it smooth," he would say. "Don't...

        Hope Was Running Dry

        02.06.20 | by Eric Mullinax

        How dry is dry? Elijah predicted years in Israel (1 Kings 17.1) when there would be neither dew nor rain. (Now, that’s pretty dry!) After this revelation to Ahab, God sent the prophet to a brook where he found water to drink. There, he was...


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