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    Thirsting For God

    04.23.20 | Discipleship | by Render Caines

    Due to the pandemic, Linda and I have been confined at home for several weeks, while others have been home alone. Then, Easter Sunday, tornados left some of you without your homestead...

      Great to be Home!

      03.06.20 | by Render Caines

      Sunday, I was able to sit with my wife and be led by our pastors and minister of music in the worship of our Lord.

        Thankfully Assigned Hard Work

        07.25.19 | Worship | by Render Caines

        It was good to worship with you all this past Sunday. Following the service, I told Pastor Jones that I thought his sermon on Psalm 136 was one of the better sermons I’d ever heard from anyone. I also told him I was going to “rip it...

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