Children Are a Wonder!

04.08.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

Children Are a Wonder!

    Pediatrician, Dr. Robert Hamilton, founder of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, hosts a winsome podcast in which he interviews researchers and academics in the area of childhood development and the relationship between children and contemporary culture.  

    The Hamilton Review: Where Kids and Culture Collideis becoming a very well-respected place to learn about children. Dr. Hamilton’s guests do not always share his Christian convictions, but they are each significant leaders in their fields, notable and interesting people, and very much worth paying attention to 

    Dr. Hamilton is well-trained pediatrician (UC Davis, UCLA)fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and author of Secrets of the NewbornHe has a special talent for surrounding himself with amazingly stimulating people: scientists, scholars, musicians, coaches, CEOs, artists, chefs, etc. As I spend podcast time with Dr. Hamilton, always learn something fascinating and unexpected about children.  (He is a friend and family-member, so I can spend in-person time with Dr. Bob as well!)  

    Two of his recent interviews in particular have been absolutely fascinating. Both are about how the brains of babies operate. One is his interview with Alison Gopnickprofessor of UC Berkeley (faculty biopersonal pageTED Talk). And then, particularly helpful is his interview with Lisa Feldman Barrett on children and language. She is a professor of Northeastern University (faculty biopersonal pageTED Talk). 

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