Save the Date for June 14

05.22.20 | News | by John Jones

Save the Date for June 14

    A letter from the Senior Pastor concerning a staged return to worship services.

    On Sunday, June 14, we will re-introduce physical assembly to our life together. Sunday school will remain suspended and the CPC nursery will remain closed. All of our ordinary church-wide events, likewise, remain suspended. 

    Since March 15 we have not been able to worship together in the same physical space. Our elders believed that this was a wise step forward for three reasons, as we’ve shared repeatedly.  

    • Submission to local authorities (Romans 13, with Acts 4 and 5 in the background).
    • Duty and obligation of mercy to the vulnerable in the church (Jesus looking to Deuteronomy 22 in Luke 14 and Matthew 12).
    • Trust in God’s word that the beauty of our togetherness is not merely physical (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Hebrews 13).

    The elders of our church believe that caring shepherds should lead our re-assembling in a way that honors the recommended guidelines from civic leaders and health specialists, that shows love for the more vulnerable saints among us, and that respects the variety of opinions and convictions represented in our church family.  

    On Sunday, June 14, Covenant will offer a morning service from 9:30 - 10:30 a.m., and an evening service from 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Both services will take place in the sanctuary. Both services will be identical.  

    If you wish to attend, we are asking members and regular attendees to let us know through the church website. Instructions will follow in the coming days. If you wish to remain home, we will continue to use a one-hour worship liturgy that has home attendance in mind and livestream the 9:30 a.m. service to Facebook and the website.  

    Sunday morning will follow social-distancing guidelines. Only the sanctuary (and cry room), narthex (the area outside the sanctuary), foyer (Welcome Center), and bathrooms will be accessible. We ask that you instruct and supervise your children to stay together as a family. Sanctuary seating will be marked for social distancing. Furniture in the narthex and the foyer has been removed and there will be two screens in the foyer broadcasting the service. Doors will be open so that you may stand outside on the sidewalk as well. Under the direction of the deacons, greeters will help control flow, particularly entering and exiting the sanctuary. 

    Face masks and gloves will not be provided, but you are welcome to wear them. Worship Bulletins will be made available, but not hand-distributed (bulletins are also published online). During the service, we will commend tithing and praise God for His provision, but an offering tray will not be distributed. You may make your offering online or at boxes in the narthex and foyer. There will be four hand sanitizing stations available and bathrooms will be equipped with foot door openers. The facility will be cleaned and disinfected according to CDC guidelines before and after each service. 

    We are asking you to stay home if you show symptoms. These are coughing and shortness of breath, which may be accompanied by fever, chills, headache, or muscle pains. We are asking you to thoughtfully consider staying home if CDC guidelines consider you “at-risk,” namely, those age 65 or older, who have chronic lung disease, moderate or severe asthma, chronic kidney or liver disease, or have a compromised immune system. 

    You will be receiving more information from our pastors and staff as we approach June 14. Please know that we wish to care for you in a way that mimics our King’s lead in caring for all of us as His precious bride. 

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