Class Schedule and Topics

July 11 - What is the Church?
July 18 - What is the Gospel?
July 25 - How Conversion Happens
August 1 - No Sunday School Classes (Due to Congregational Meeting)
August 8 - Baptism
August 15 - Infant Baptism
August 22 - Becoming a Member

Essentials is an ongoing Sunday school class taught by our pastoral staff in the Sanctuary.

  • Some will attend because they are considering church membership, even if they've been attending for months (or years). This class is not a requirement for church membership; you may request a membership interview at any time -
  • Some will attend to learn about and critique the Reformed (that is, Calvinistic) theology of our church.
  • Some will attend to get a feel for Sunday school before they select their long-term class.

Essentials follows our regular Sunday school schedule. Lessons rotate in four core categories: Bible knowledge, Christian doctrine, history of Christianity, and the vision of Covenant Presbyterian. Each morning we begin a new lesson, so you can come and go as you please. Topics are posted below.

Essentials is a point-of-entry for the Sunday school ministry of CPC. Ultimately, one of the other Sunday school classes will be a better place for long-term care and friendship-making.

Sometimes sermon discussion is a part of an Essentials class. Sometimes a member of the staff or an elder or deacon will introduce themselves and a ministry to the Essentials class.


Some of Our Talks on Knowing the Bible 

Navigating the Old Testament
Reading the Prophets Reading the Four Gospels
Reading the First Five Books
Reading Hebrew Poetry Reading the Epistles
Reading the Historical Books
Navigating the New Testament Reading Revelation

Some of Our Talks on Christian Doctrine

The Bible The Work of the Holy Spirit Who is Jesus?
One Story Being Human The Atonement
History, Mission, Vision, Values The Covenants What is the Church?
Ministry Structure What is the Gospel? The Lord's Supper
Become A Member How Conversion Happens Baptism
Shepherding Free Will and Election Infant Baptism
The Triune God Sanctification The Beginning of the End

Some of Our Talks on the History of Christianity

The Apostolic Church (Acts) The Medieval Church (500-1309) The Church in America - Pt. 1
The Early Church (65-313) Renaissance and Reformation The Church in America - Pt. 2
The Christian Empire (313-500) Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Presbyterianism


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