Essentials is an ongoing Sunday school class designed for visitors who wish to learn more about Covenant. This class addresses our distinctive life, doctrine, and worship as a Presbyterian and Reformed church, built upon God's Word. Essentials is taught by our Executive Pastor and repeats every semester. Each Essentials class opens with a sermon discussion and frequently introduces an officer, ministry leader, or staff member.

2023 Essentials Class Schedule

Date Theology Teacher Elder/Leader Topic
01/15 Authoritative Word Jake Bennett Adam Sanders Presbyterianism (Polity & Courts)
01/22 The Biblical Story Jake Bennett Danny Grant A Brief History of CPC
01/29 The Triune God Jake Bennett Todd Smith  The Elder (Role/Responsibility)
02/05 Who is Jesus? Jake Bennett Tracy Wright What is Worship?
02/12 Justification Jake Bennett Jay Fowler The Role of Men's Ministry
02/19 Sanctification Eric Mullinax Bev Fowler The Role of Women's Ministry
02/26 Glorification Jake Bennett Becky Pearce Shelby Next and Logistics at CPC
03/05 Mission Awareness Week
03/12 Covenant Theology I Jake Bennett John Wykoff The Role of Music Ministry
03/19 Covenant Theology II Jake Bennett Mike Mason  The Deacon (Role/Responsibility)
03/26 The Lord's Supper Jake Bennett Ryan Hamilton Key Aspects of Youth Ministry
04/02 Baptism Jake Bennett Nick Lazor Ways to Serve at CPC
04/09 No Sunday School (Easter)
04/16 Calvinism I Jake Bennett Sara Southard Key Aspects of Children's Ministry
04/23 Calvinism II Jake Bennett Mike Walker The Importance of Shepherding
04/30 Ancient Church History Dan Steere John Spalding Mercy Ministry
05/07 Reform Church History Dan Steere Rex Wagner Spiritual Gifts & Service at CPC
05/14 PCA History Jake Bennett Jon Harris The Importance of Sunday School


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