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Each year, Agape Puppets shares the true love of Jesus Christ with over 70,000 children, teenagers, and adults across five continents.


Agape Puppets began in 1989, when two little boys wanted to start a ministry to tell people about Jesus in an organized effort. The boys, Josh and Matt, had seen Hank Schum tell stories with puppets and chalk and were determined to tell stories with puppets. Mark and Linda Summer, with their sons, Josh and Matt, traveled the world and shared the Gospel. When Josh and Matt got older and started their own families, and Mark passed away, Linda began working with many other teenagers that loved Jesus and wanted to share the Gospel around the world. Their energy and faith enabled Linda to carry on the ministry.


Prayer Requests:

-For Linda Summer, Kelsey Lawrence and the leadership team

-For needed funding and access to desired destinations

-For giftedness and faithfulness of troupe

-For open doors for ministry to children and adults


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