Bo and Brynne Lancaster

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Mission to the World in Rotterdam, Holland


Bo and Brynne (both Covenant College alumni) felt called by God to missions shortly after they were married in 2003. They have served in Slovakia for five years, doing English ministry, working with youth, befriending slovaks, and seeking to live out the gospel in their daily lives. Now, they have transferred (at MTW’s behest) to go minister in Western Europe. The Lancasters have three children: Marin (7-27-07), Willa (6-18-09), and Michael (6-11-13).


The Lancasters will be based in Rotterdam, Holland, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world with a 50% non-Dutch population). Their ministry will be: outreach to English speaking people, formation of community groups, and church planting. They will minister to refugees (displaced people) and with a student ministry group at a large university in Rotterdam.

Prayer Requests:

-For needed increases in support for work in Western Europe

-For adjustment to a new team and life in Holland

-For open doors for the Gospel

-For health, faithfulness, and encouragement in working in very secular, dark city.

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