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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)


Brian grew up in Minnesota and attended St. Paul Bible College and Moody Bible Institute (MBI) from which he graduated with a B.S. in Missionary Aviation Technology. Connie was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. They met at MBI and married in 1979. Brian felt called to be a missionary pilot at the age of seven. The Lord guided and directed him all the way through college to see that dream come true. Brian and Connie have two grown children: Stephanie and Steven.


Brian and Connie joined MAF in 1985. After a year of language school, they spent 11 years in the jungles of Ecuador serving missionaries and nationals with the airplane. Church, mission and emergency flying had top priority. They were heavily involved in the local church as well as encouragers to the missionaries and little outlaying churches. In 1997 Brian took a position in the Training Department at MAF headquarters in Idaho. For 10 years he evaluated new MAF hopefuls, trained newly accepted pilots and travelled all over the world checking up on veteran MAF pilots. He is now the Chief Pilot for the Training Department. Connie worked in the Recruiting Department providing teachers for little communities. MAF has been serving the world-wide Evangelical missions outreach for the past seventy years with appropriate technology to speed the Gospel to the most difficult parts of the earth. MAF has technology to speed the Gospel to the most difficult parts of the earth. MAF has a take off or landing somewhere in the world every five minutes, 24/7.

Prayer Requests:

-For Brian’s duties of training missionary pilots, for safety world-wide

-For MAF managers (world-wide) as they deal with changing governmental regulations

-For increase in support to meet target goal 

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