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Christine grew up in Ohio and came to know the power, love, and compassion of the Lord during high school through Young Life and Campaigners. After spending 20+ years in the corporate world in marketing and product development she followed the Lord’s call on her life and joined Wycliffe, a Bible Translation Organization. Always having a strong interest in Bible Translation, from a young age, mainly due to the knowledge that there were languages still without one verse of Scripture in their mother tongue, which led her to the role she currently has today.


Bible Translation and Scripture Engagement in East Africa

  • There are currently 7000 languages spoken in the world today… 1671 of those languages still do not have one verse of Scripture.
  • 70% of those languages are oral-based cultures, they do not have a writing system or alphabet, and they do not read.
  • They are often remote and many are persecuted.

Spending much of her time in East Africa working with tribes in South Sudan and Kenya, Christine is currently partnering with Jesus Film and Faith Comes By Hearing to assist oral-based cultures in translating Scripture and Scripture materials into their mother tongue through visual and audio means. Due to 70 % of the remaining languages being orality based, the tools and methods for reaching these tribes and people groups require Christian organizations to work together to share strengths and offer unique innovative solutions that cater to the needs of these challenging languages, that are now being called “The Last Languages”. With only 1671 to go, the end is finally in sight.

Prayer Requests

  • For health and safety during travels.
  • For continued provision and support.
  • For protection from spiritual warfare as the Word of God is sent out.
  • Guidance from Holy Spirit and all Glory given to God. 

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