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East Ridge Wyldlife

After many years as elementary school secretary at Chattanooga Christian School, Jane Barnett ‘retired,’ only to find herself growing into a leadership position with urban teens from East Ridge (and beyond) through Wyldlife, the middle school branch of Young Life. Over the past nine years she has formed long-lasting relationships with many of these students, several of whom are now in their 20s. She seeks to share with them the love of Christ and to help them grow in their faith. Jane has three children and eight grandchildren of her own.

Middle School students are at a critical developmental stage and desperately need to know the love of Christ. Many of them come from broken homes and have an aching need for love and acceptance, and most know nothing about Jesus or His Word. Jane and her team seek to build personal relationships with them during twice-monthly Wyldlife Club meetings, a time of fun activities and food with a gospel message. To maintain relationships with kids when they ‘graduate’ from WyldLife, Jane added a high school Bible study, which also meets twice a month.

Although the pandemic has temporarily curtailed group meetings, the work continues as Jane and her adult co-leaders visit kids outside at their homes every Monday night - middle-schoolers one week and the high-schoolers the next. They talk with the kids, share Bible verses with them, give them printed Bible verses to keep, give them a Goody Bag, and pray with them. Jane is also making connections with the parents of the kids, now that she is visiting their homes, and she has been able to help some of those families meet urgent needs through the Mercy Ministry of East Ridge Presbyterian.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Jane Barnett, volunteers, and Young Life leadership team
  • For wisdom, courage, and the right words to speak to the kids.
  • For needed resources (monetary, personnel, transportation)



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