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Frank and Cindy have worked for more than 20 years in Muslim ministry. God’s providential hand has been evident throughout, beginning with Frank’s unlikely conversion to Christ after growing up in a Jewish family. It is truly God’s hand that has moved them to give their lives for reaching Muslims. Frank and Cindy spent six years in the US working with the PCA organization Church Without Walls helping equip churches to reach out to Muslims in northern Virginia and DC. Then they spent 10 years in west Africa where they saw a new denomination formed, expanding from an initial church plant to a growing denomination of 30 churches. The Sindlers have four children: Elizabeth, Edgar, Ethan, and Esther.


Muslim ministry has changed dramatically during their many years of service. When they first started, it was rare to see Muslims come to faith in Christ. Now God’s Spirit is moving in historically unprecedented ways, churches are being planted and are multiplying. Frank now serves as the Enterprise area director for strategic ministry throughout the Muslim world. He works with emerging churches, national leaders, MTW regional directors, team leaders and US churches to build deeper, more effective partnerships and to develop innovative ways to help accelerate the growth of the Church in the Muslim world. 

Prayer Requests:

-Pray for extensive travel that Frank has through the end of the year. With

  one international trip each month we have needs for energy, stamina, and

  for strong support for the costs.

-Pray for creative energy and time to finish the course on Micah and a training

 seminar on Christian Worldview. Frank will teach Micah in West Africa and

 the material on Christian Worldview in the Middle East this summer. 

-Pray for the Jerusalem Gateway Partnership (JGP)

-Pray for the redesign efforts for our mission's international Muslim ministries

 that it will result in more effective and fruitful work among Muslims.  

-Pray for work with two unreached people groups that is starting in West

 Africa. This will be with the Wolof and the Fulani people.  

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