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In 1944 Rev. Rueben and Lila Clark arrived in Haiti with a burden for the interior of Haiti, the Central Plateau. In 1945 - 1946 they moved to the small inland village of Pignon to preach Christ where His name was unknown - or so they thought. Instead, they found 300 people who knew of "The Great One" and had been praying for a teacher for twelve years. During the period between 1946 and Rueben's death in 1951, the Clarks established some of the first schools in the area and laid the basis for what are now an estimated 80 indigenous churches. Lila stayed eight more years translating Sunday school material into the people's native Creole language. She then returned to the United States to teach and educate her daughter.  For several years Lila returned to Haiti each summer to teach English and Bible classes. Then in 1978 she returned full time to Haiti to establish a secondary school on the Plateau, in the community of Bohoc. Through the years HAFF’s school and its other important ministries have steadily grown, now serving the whole central plateau of this impoverished nation.


Haitian American Friendship Foundation’s ministries include academic education, theological education, community development and mercy ministries.  Academics are primarily through HAFF’s large Christian  secondary school (BTI).  Theological education, extension and outreach is offered through pastors/church leaders classes at BTI, Scripture memory and Bible distribution programs, and the Jesus Film Project.  Community development and education is a major component of HAFF’s work.  HAFF operates a medical and dental clinic on its campus as well as taking those services to other parts of the plateau.

Prayer Requests:

  • For stability, peace, safety in this troubled land and impoverished island nation
  • For HAFF’s finances and for visiting work/study teams
  • For transition of leadership from US missionaries to Haitian personnel

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