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United World Mission at International Christian School, Budapest, Hungary


Heidi was born in Asheville, NC, and grew up attending Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church. She graduated from Covenant College in 2003. Her interest in special education started in high school when babysitting for a young boy who had Downs Syndrome. She had opportunities to work with special needs children while in college and her interest continued to grow. Heidi has been in Budapest, Hungary since 2004.


Heidi is a special education teacher at a Christian school that also accepts non-Christian students and students of other nationalities. Heidi’s main reason for going to the school in Budapest was to be an educational shadow to children with learning disabilities. She now has many students she works with using the NILD (National Institute for Learning Development) program based in Norfolk, VA. The goal is to help students develop the weaker areas of their brains so that they can function in a standard classroom. She attends Calvary Church in Budapest where she worships and ministers with a multicultural, multilingual congregation. Heidie also leads Bible studies for young girls.

Prayer Requests

  • That God will enable her to pass the stringent exam requirements to obtain a Hungarian driver's license.
  • The dissertation journey continues. Prayers for wisdom and endurance are needed.
  • Prayers for safe return to school, here and globally!
  • Prayers for last year's seniors beginning the next steps of their journey across the globe.

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