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Mission to the World (MTW)


Josiah and Miriam both grew up in Africa, where they met in 2002. They returned to the States in their late teens for college. During college, they continued to prepare for their growing interest in spreading the good news globally. In 2010, Josiah and Miriam married and settled in northern Virginia. They subsequently spent two years in Dallas, where Josiah completed an M.A. in applied linguistics before returning to northern Virginia, where they lived near their home congregation and Miriam's family. They moved to France in 2019 for French study and then to Central Africa in 2020.


Josiah and Miriam, along with their children, serve in Central Africa in the work of Bible translation among the Dazagara people. They are also involved with the small number of Dazagara brothers and sisters in Central Africa and pray that their translation work will serve to strengthen other efforts among the Dazagara. Other than her crucial work as a wife and mother, Miriam uses her medical training (R.N.) to help those with little access to medical attention.

Prayer Requests:

  • That God would open the hearts of the Daza so they would hear and believe the gospel
  • For continued financial and prayer support as they serve in Africa
  • For their children: Titus, Esther, Katharina, Idelette, Evsevia, Silas, and their health and well-being



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