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Stepan and his wife, Alla, are national Christians in Belarus, part of the former Soviet Union. Stepan pastors a small church in Shatsk, Belarus. Services are conducted on Friday and Sunday. The church began 15 years ago in the center of the town. Today, there are approximately 13 people who attend the main church service (10 adults and 3 young people.) The Sunday School usually has 10-15 children in attendance. Sometimes, many more will attend for special services, like Easter and Christmas. The church has faced opposition from the Russian Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church. They have six children: Stepan, Lilia, Vladimir, Ilia, Kristina, and Zhenia.


Besides pastoring the church in Shatsk, Stepan, and Alla have many other ministries. They visit churches in other towns which have no ordained pastor and Stepan will conduct Communion for the churches. They minister to several homeless and disabled people, bringing them clothes and food. This gives them many opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ. Recently, they helped rebuild a woman’s house which was partially damaged by a fire. The woman, Valentina, then accepted Christ as her Savior. The older children, Stepan and Vladimir, also help in the ministry when able. They recently helped renovate a church in the nearby town of Dzerzhinsk and participated in services there. They often use their “new” ‘95 VW Jetta to transport people to their church. Stepan and Alla often conduct special services in the churches in Maryinah, Gorkah, Rudensk, and Liubiachah.

Prayer Requests

  • For the provision of their extra needs as they help others
  • For safety as they travel
  • That many people in Belarus will become Christians and the church will grow
  • For Valentina’s son to be saved (he is deeply addicted to alcohol)
  • For the music ministry of the church (some people can play accordion, balalaika, and guitar)
  • For strengthening partnership with CPC through choir visits

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