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Mission to the World


Tom and Ann have been with Mission to the World since 1983, when they answered God’s call to life-long missions in Africa. For over 14 years they served in Kenya, seeking to raise up leaders for the church in Africa through theological education and leadership training. In 1999 they moved to South Africa where Tom became president of the Bible Institute of South Africa, an MTW partner institution. This gave Tom experience in leading a multi-cultural organization. In 2005 he became an area coordinator for MTW in theological education and leadership training in Sub-Saharan Africa. During their years in Africa, Ann was involved in a variety of ministries of women: teaching Bible courses, chronological Bible storying, prison ministry and a speaking ministry to Christian women, as well as ministering with Tom on his travels around Africa.


Tom and Ann are now bringing their 25 years of experience in Africa to an MTW team of international missionaries. This team is committed to developing innovative strategies in training and theological education in order to meet the needs of the 21st century Church around the world. Tom’s primary responsibility is to coordinate this work in Africa.

Prayer Requests:

-For Global Training and Development’s (GTD) newer, innovative leadership program

-For international traveling mercies

-For their adult daughters (Anna and Becca) and their families

-For physical health and spiritual vigor  

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