Samson: The Day God Brought Down the House
This is the story of Samson, the strongest man in the Bible, who had the worst “Bad Hair Day” in history. God promises a childless couple they will give birth to a Hebrew Hero, who will clobber their enemies, the Philistines. So Samson is tricked by Delilah, an enemy spy, and locked up. A prisoner in a Philistine jail, Samson finally prays for the strength to “Bring Down the House” on his captors.

Download Full CD (MP3 Files) - This ZIP file includes all music and dialogues for the musical.

The individual song files are below and may be played from this page, or downloaded by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the player. All of the songs below are included in the full CD ZIP file in the download link above.

The Pretty Story of Samson

Great Things for God

The "Ite" Song

Don't It Make Ya Wanna Praise Him?

Samson's Deeds

The Riddle

Look Out Samson

Samson & Delilah

Forgive Me Lord

God Brings Down the House


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