The congregation of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee is seeking an experienced Senior Pastor to lead in an established, multi-generational, growing congregation by shepherding our fellowship in God's ministries.

Thoughtful and Enthusiastic Leader of Corporate Worship

  • Enjoys leading the congregation into the throne room of God in a traditional liturgy

Skilled Master of Communicating Through Preaching

  • Is an expository preacher who follows the text where it leads and is skilled at communicating truth and grace and its application in a faithful and compelling way that encourages response

Strong Leader of Staff and Officers

  • Is a leader who is earnest in discipling the Session, staff, and interns; is confident leading a large session, articulating a vision, achieving buy-in, and making decisions; is a man that other men want to follow; and is an effective manager and shepherd of the staff, effective at delegating responsibility

Joyful Participant in God’s Creation

  • Appreciates God’s good gifts of food, drink, fellowship, and the arts, and desires to foster a joyfully connected covenant community where these gifts are rightly honored

Enthusiastic Teacher of God’s Word

  • Eagerly seeks out teaching opportunities, formal and informal; will clearly address and apply Scriptural truths and wisdom to contemporary issues facing members 

Loving Shepherd of the Church Family

  • Delights in meeting with members and communicates an openness and warmth with grace that assures members they can approach him to discuss matters on their hearts, although congregational care is not his primary focus


  • Approximate age: Between 40 and 55 years old
  • Experience since Ordination: A minimum of ten years of pastoral experience since graduating seminary
  • Management Experience: A minimum of five years of experience on a multi-pastor staff (required) or leading a multi-pastor staff (preferred)


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