Jesus and the Thief on the Cross

Jesus and the Thief on the Cross

Jun 30, 2024

Passage: Luke 23:32-43

Preacher: Bill Massey

Series: Meetings with Jesus

Category: Sunday Morning


Sermon Intro: Two criminals were crucified with our Lord, one on his right and the other on his left. Both were equally near Christ. Both saw and heard all that happened during the six hours our Savior hung on the cross. Both were dying and in great pain. Both were in need of forgiveness. Yet one died in his sins as he had lived and the other repented and believed. Here we see the sovereignty of God in our salvation but his sovereignty was never intended to destroy our responsibility. One thief was saved that no sinner might despair, but only one, so that no sinner might presume. Let us make diligent use of all the means of grace that God has appointed for the good of our souls.

  1. Rage
  2. Repentance
  3. Reward
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