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Children's Classes Header 

  • NEWBORN TO 24 MONTHS: Led by Bekah Gernhard | Nursery
    • The nursery, located on the main floor at the end of the lobby hall, offers a safe and playful place for our precious children. Monitored by both CPC member volunteers and paid, CPR and first aid trained workers, the nursery is secured by an electronic check-in system and single entrance/exit.

  • 2 & 3 YEAR-OLDS: Led by Millie Sanders | Nursery
    • Children learn stories and truths from God’s Word, sing songs, color pictures, and enjoy games and activities related to the Bible lesson. They also eat a snack and play outside in an enclosed courtyard. Our children’s curriculum is published by Great Commission Publications.

  • 4 YEAR-OLDS TO FIFTH GRADE: Led by Volunteer Teachers | E-201 - E212
    • Children learn stories and truths from God’s Word. They may participate in singing, discussions, crafts, and activities related to the Bible lesson. Fifth graders learn to dig into the Scriptures for themselves in a Bible Survey course. All children have snacks. Our children’s curriculum is published by Great Commission Publications.

      4-Year-Old and Kindergarten Class - Led by Jon Arbuckle and Esther McEachern
      1st Grade Class - Led by Chris Rimondi
      2nd Grade Class - Led by Tammy Knotts
      3rd Grade Class - Led by Jean Marshall
      4th Grade Class - Led by Timothy Gambrell
      5th Grade Class - Led by Woody and Sharon Brauer


Youth Classes Header

  • MIDDLE SCHOOL BOYS: Led by Volunteer Teachers | O-205
    • Lessons are taken from G2R: God's Promises, a denominational curriculum that is geared toward meeting the hearts of youth in their current situations.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL GIRLS: Led by Emily Calloway | O-203
    • Lessons are taken from G2R: God's Promises, a denominational curriculum that is geared toward meeting the hearts of youth in their current situations.
  • HIGH SCHOOL: Led by Ryan Hamilton, Justin Martin, Diane Lazor, and Heather Morrison | O-210 
    • All high school students are studying through 2 Corinthians. All grades 9-12 meet together.


 Adult Classes Header 

    • ESSENTIALS: Led by Pastor John Jones | Sanctuary 
      • Essentials is an ongoing class designed for visitors who wish to learn more about Covenant. This class addresses our distinctive life, doctrine, and worship as a conservative, Presbyterian, and Reformed church. Taught by our Senior Pastor, Essentials is a temporary class before finding your long-term Sunday school class. Every Essentials class opens with a sermon discussion and frequently introduces an elder or member of staff.
      • Thinking about becoming a member? Be sure to visit our Membership Information page.
    • COLLEGE-AGE FELLOWSHIP: Led by Tim & Bonnie Schoap | O-207
      • Study: The Truth Project - The years from high school graduation through the mid-20s are a pivotal time in life, a time of greater freedom and openness as well as deeper challenges and struggles, and we want to come alongside you for the journey. The College-Age Fellowship will have a four-fold focus: fellowship, encouragement in prayer, practical application of Scripture, and a foundation in a gospel-centered worldview. 
    • EVERY GOOD ENDEAVOR: Led by Jason Coffey | Choir Room
      • The book Every Good Endeavor, by Tim Keller, views our pre-fall mandate to work and how we do that for the glory of God by applying work theology to everyday life as workers, employers, etc. This is a mixed adult class of all ages and is open to everyone.
    • FIVE POINTS OF CALVINISM: Led by Ernie Brown/Dee Hobbs | E-106
      • The Five Points of Calvinism is an excellent introductory work on "The Doctrines of Grace" also generally referred to as Calvinism. The five points of Calvinism stand together as a system of doctrine which explains God's design of how sinners are saved. This is a mixed adult class of all ages and is open to everyone.
    • GALATIANS: Led by Dr. Lamar Allen | O-105
      • This class will be studying Galatians verse by verse with comments that interpret the passage and connect it to other Scripture. You may attend this class via Zoom, contact  for more information. This study is a mixed adult class of all ages and is open to everyone.
    • HOSEA: Led by Judy Foster, Christine Morrison, and Lois Crenshaw | E-111
      • Structured around five cycles of judgment and restoration, the book of Hosea makes clear its repetitious theme: though God will bring judgment on sin, He will always bring His people back to Himself. The Hosea study class is a ladies-only class. 
    • SECOND CORINTHIANS: Led by Ken Henry | E-104
      • Second Corinthians encourages believers to embrace and follow the way of Jesus that transforms lives and values generosity, humility, and weakness. This is a mixed adult class and is open to everyone.



    Midweek page

    The 2023 Spring Midweek semester will have 15 weeks from January 18 to May 10. There will be two breaks: March 1 for our Missions Conference and April 5 for Passion Week. We hope you will take the opportunity to join one of our class offerings for this Spring Midweek semester. Please contact the church office if you have any additional questions not covered in the listing of the classes. The image below gives a visual overview of the new Midweek schedule.

    ~ click to enlarge ~

    • 5:30 - 6:30 pm
      • Midweek Meal | Room O-100 
        • Join us for a fellowship meal each Wednesday evening in the Fellowship Hall. View the current and upcoming menus on this page in the right margin.

    Children's Opportunities

    • 6:00 pm
      • Nursery | Room N-100
        • Nursery is available for Birth through two years old each Wednesday evening until 8:00 pm
    • 6:15 - 6:45 pm
      • Three & Four-Year-Olds | Room N-104 (enter through the Nursery)
        • Three & four-year-olds will play with a variety of age-appropriate toys and games and participate in a short bible lesson. They may enjoy music, prayer time, Scripture memory, crafts, games, and activities related to Bible lessons. until 7:30 pm when they join the other children's classes in O-100 (Fellowship Hall) for activities. Pick-up for all children (excluding the nursery) will be from 7:30 to 8:00 pm in the Fellowship Hall.
      • Children's Choir | Room E-201
        • Kindergarten through grade five will learn how to sing and read music. The Children’s Choir will occasionally be incorporated into Sunday worship.
    • 6:45 - 7:30 pm
      • Children's Classes | Rooms E-201-204
        • Kindergarten through grade five will learn about how God intends us to live as full human beings, in our thoughts, emotions, and actions. Kindergarten – grade two students will study stories from scripture that point us to the gospel, and students grades three through five will look at examples of God’s faithfulness in men and women throughout scripture and history. All children will work toward catechism and scripture memorization goals.
    • 7:30 - 8:00 pm
      • Children's Activities | Room O-100
        • All ages will gather in the fellowship hall to participate in their choice of games and activities with their friends. They can also check out books from the library cart. All children should be picked up from the fellowship hall from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. 

    Youth opportunities

    • 6:30 - 6:45 pm
      • Youth Worship | Room O-210
        • We start Wednesday night youth programs with worship. All youth, from grades six through twelve, gather for a time of singing and prayer before breaking out into small groups.
    • 6:45 - 7:30 pm
      • Youth Small Groups | Room O-210
        • Youth small groups are designed so that students can ask questions and engage in meaningful conversations about how Scripture applies to their lives. It’s a safe environment where students can be known and loved, and where they can pray for and encourage one another toward maturity in Christ. We have separate guys and girls small groups divided by grade level.
    • 7:30 - 8:00 pm
      • Youth Activities | Room O-210 / Front Lawn
        • After the small group meetings, the youth will gather for various sports, games, and fellowship time. Friends and visitors are welcome to join us each Wednesday night!!

    Adult Opportunities

    • 6:00 - 6:30 pm
      • Orchestra | Sanctuary
        • Praise God with woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion. You learned that instrument, now get it out and put it to praise!
      • Bell Choir | Room E-102
        • A surprisingly fun way to make beautiful music for worship. No experience is required.
    • 6:45 - 7:30 pm
      • Manuscript Study of MatthewLed by Jake Bennett | Room E-104
        • Join Pastor Jake and learn how to utilize a manuscript Bible study to learn how to read deeper into Scripture. Manuscripts are copies of a passage without verse numbers or chapter divisions. The class will focus primarily on how to study God's Word, using the Gospel of Matthew as the primary text. Together we will observe, interpret, and apply God's Word.
      • Men's Ironman StudyLed by Doug Frazier, John Herberich, and Jay Fowler | Room E-106
        • Men are invited to join us for a time of prayer and study. Scott Barber will facilitate a discussion on the book Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges. The book looks at the question, “Have Christians lost a sense of the seriousness of sin by becoming so focused on major sins of our culture that we fail to address our own, more subtle sins?” Books will be made available during the first class meeting.
      • Prayer Group: Led by Doug McEachern and Eric Mullinax | Room O-104 & via Zoom
        • Join us for a time of prayer each week as we intercede for the various needs of our church body and individual members. You may join this prayer time in person or via Zoom. Please contact Ruth Fox at  for a Zoom link.
      • Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal: Led by John Wykoff | Choir Room
        • Sanctuary Choir is a wonderful way to praise God and lead in worship. No audition or experience is required. 
      • Temperament, Character, and Spiritual Gifts: Led by Dr. Lamar Allen | Room O-105
        • Dr. Allen is trained, and certified in temperament assessment. He has taught similar classes many times to churches, Christian organizations, faculty of the Air Force Academy, and leaders and managers of several corporations. Class material is based on Scripture, the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. Everyone is welcome. You may attend this class via Zoom, contact  or for more information.
        • See video recordings and class notes below (Note: Videos will be available a few days after each class.)
    • 7:30 - 8:00 pm
      • Festival Choir: Led by John Wykoff | Choir Room
        • If you only want to learn music for the upcoming special events, come at 7:30.
      • Adult Class Fellowships | Various Locations
        • Classes are encouraged to use this time for fellowship, prayer, and relationship-building.




    A study of the book of Romans by Dr. Lamar Allen.

    romans study - by Dr. Lamar Allen
    Romans Lesson 1
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 2
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 3
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 4
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 5
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 6
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 7
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 8
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 9
    Video | Outline
    Romans Lesson 10
    Video | Outline

    Romans Lesson 11
    Video | Outline



    Connect Page re-work

    ~ Click Here to sign-up for a Connect Group ~


    The Lord Jesus is the Good Shepherd who lays down his life for the sheep (John 10.11-16). At Covenant, our elders seek to serve as under-shepherds, caring for God’s people. Shepherding is about relationships: knowing, caring, and praying for those to whom God has given us. As God brings us into a relationship with Himself, so also, our elder's desire is to build relationships with each member that reflects His faithful love.


    To help shepherd the members of our church, the Session has placed every member under the oversight of an elder. Upon joining the church, each member is placed into a shepherding flock. Each flock has an elder who regularly pursues and prays for each of its members. At times these flocks may meet as large groups. If there is an immediate prayer request, struggle, or crisis in your life, please reach out and share it with your shepherding elder or one of our pastors.


    A new aspect of our shepherding ministry is CPC’s small group ministry, Connect.

    • Purpose: Connect groups function as an extension of shepherding ministry; encouraging growth into spiritual maturity and home fellowship.
    • Focus: Connect groups focus on regular, weekly care for participants under the direct supervision of our elder-led Connect leadership. With Connect small groups, the primary shepherding care comes from these weekly meetings.


    • Are Shepherding/Connect groups only for members of CPC? 
      • Shepherding groups: each church member is automatically assigned to a group. If you are a regular attendee and would like to be assigned a Shepherding group, please contact the church office.
      • Connect groups: are for members and regular attenders and are open for anyone to join.
    • Can I be in a Shepherding Group and Connect group?
      • If you have been a member of a Shepherding Group and chose to join a Connect group, you are transferring your shepherding care affiliation to that Connect group.
    • How often and when do Connect groups meet?
      • Most Connect groups meet on a weekly basis although some meet every other week. Some groups meet at the church but the majority meet in homes.
    • How long am I in a Connect group?
      • The purpose of Connect groups is to foster relationships and build connections. To encourage this goal, we ask that group members commit to a year of meeting with their Connect group.
    • How do I join a Connect group?
      • Fill out the interest form below if you are interested in joining a Connect group.






                        The RYM Conference for High School students is July 11-16, 2022 at Laguna Beach Christian Retreat Center in Panama City Beach, FL. This year's speaker is Rev. Brian Sorgenfrei and the theme will be "All Things New". 

                        Register online between now and May 24. Register before May 7 to receive the Early Bird discount.

                        Visit the General Information page to find out more information about the RYM High School Summer conference, including the keynote speaker and other details. You can also check out the sample schedule for an idea of a typical week at RYM.

                        Pricing for the RYM Conference

                        • Early bird registration - $375 (early bird discount ends May 6)
                        • Regular registration - $400 (May 7–24)
                        • The deadline to register is May 24. $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is due upon registration. If you register by May 6, you will receive an early bird discount ($375). This will confirm your teen’s spot on the trip. 

                        **We will be hosting a church-wide bake sale later in the Spring to raise money from this event to offer scholarships for our summer camps. Please email Ryan Hamilton if you can help with the bake sale.


                        • Swimming (multiple pools & open ocean), Gaga Ball, Spike Ball, Basketball, Volleyball, Ping Pong, Kan Jam, Sand Soccer, Card Games, Paddle Boarding/Kayaking


                        RYM RELEASE FORM - Parents, after registering, please fill out the RYM release form. This form is required for all students attending the RYM Conference. 


                        The Edge Conference for Middle School Students (currently in grades 6-8) is June 25-29. Register online between now and April 27. Register before April 4 to receive the Early Bird discount.

                        Be sure to visit the Edge Conference details page for information about the keynote speaker, worship leader, and other details, and you can visit the Edge F.A.Q. page for more info on sleeping arrangements, what a typical day at camp looks like, etc.

                        Parents, also please know that Tuesday, June 28 of camp is an activity day where the Edge offers off-campus activities. Although it isn’t confirmed yet, we are hoping to go white water rafting as a group on the Hiwassee River located in the Cherokee National Forest.


                        EDGE RELEASE FORM - Parents, after registering, please download and fill-out the Edge release form, which will need to be given to Ryan when completed. This form is required for all students attending the Edge Conference. 


                                            Essentials Backup 

                                            How to Join Page
                                            Our Essentials class is led by our Executive Pastor and meets during the Sunday School hour in the Sanctuary. This class presents an overview of Covenant Presbyterian, as well as the Presbyterian Church in America, and is designed for visitors and those considering membership. Attendance at a majority of a semester's classes is required before meeting with the Elders regarding membership.

                                            SundaySchool Page

                                            • ESSENTIALS: Led by Pastor Jake Bennett | Sanctuary
                                              • Essentials is an ongoing class designed for visitors who wish to learn more about Covenant. This class addresses our distinctive life, doctrine, and worship as a Presbyterian and Reformed church, built upon God's Word. Essentials is taught by our Executive Pastor and repeats every semester. Each Essentials class opens with a sermon discussion and frequently introduces an officer, ministry leader, or staff member.
                                              • Thinking about becoming a member? Be sure to visit our Membership Information page.

                                            Also removed the "Essentials" page from the navigation (under the Sunday School page)

                                            New Here - Sundays
                                            The Essentials class is designed especially for visitors and prospective members. This class is ordinarily taught by our senior pastor as an introduction to Bible, doctrine, and Church History. Essentials is taught during our regular Sunday School time and meets in the Sanctuary at 11:00 a.m.


                                            1. Processional

                                            2. Shadrach

                                            3. Jerusalem Town

                                            4. It Pays to Remember

                                            5. Tra-La

                                            6. Show Us the Dream

                                            7. Nebuchadnezzar's Decree

                                            8. Know When to say "No"

                                            9. It's Cool In the Furnace

                                            10. Nebuchadnezzar's Decree

                                            11. Let the People Praise

                                            Complete CD (All Songs)



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