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    Gentle Like Jesus

    07.22.21 | Shepherding | by Jeremiah Hill

    I spent some time thinking this morning about the gentle character of our Savior. What wonderful words we have for our Jesus, who will not break a bruised reed or quench a faintly burning wick!

      "Said I, to myself," said I.

      05.13.21 | Discipleship | by Jeremiah Hill

      This month we celebrate a season of graduation at our church, as several of our young people are graduating high school, college, or other programs. With that in mind, here are a few points of encouragement I would make to a younger version of...

        Disciples and Disciple-Makers

        02.25.21 | Shepherding | by Jeremiah Hill

        At first glance, the results of this report are deeply troubling. Young people today are describing staggering levels of loneliness, living in a world saturated with connectivity but perilously lacking connection.

          Election 2020

          11.05.20 | Discipleship | by Jeremiah Hill

          It is good to care about the outcome of our elections. Better still to vote and let your voice be heard...but let us remember our hope is not in the President, or in Congress, or in the Supreme Court...


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