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    Hallelujah! On Your Feet

    12.19.19 | Worship | by John Wykoff

    We stand for the Hallelujah Chorus, so we’ve been told, following a tradition started by King George II. Upon hearing Handel’s majestic chorus, the king could not contain himself. He rose suddenly to his feet. The rest of the...

      2019 Advent Readings

      12.04.19 | Worship | by John Jones

      1st Sunday in Advent Sunday the 1st:     Genesis 1.26-31     The Creation of Man   Monday the 2nd:      Genesis 3.1-24     The Fall and the First Promise...

        Thankfully Assigned Hard Work

        07.25.19 | Worship | by Render Caines

        It was good to worship with you all this past Sunday. Following the service, I told Pastor Jones that I thought his sermon on Psalm 136 was one of the better sermons I’d ever heard from anyone. I also told him I was going to “rip it...

          Too Much Preaching

          06.13.19 | Worship | by John Jones

          Every aspect of a sermon is of great interest to me: proposition, structure, language, tone, illustration, delivery, even sermon length. Wesley confessed that he preached for three hours on at least one occasion. Jonathan Edwards preached more...

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