06.07.22 | Children's Ministry | by Mindy Horton

    But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them,
    for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven
    .” Matthew 9.14

    If you pass the church during the first full week of June, you will see the little children coming. Many parents with babies in tow dropping off older siblings for a fun week. Our church body has the privilege of hosting these children. It is so fun to see the sweet little faces come in excited, many remembering past years, and looking forward to learning new songs and lessons from God’s Story.

    This year’s story is SAMSON! The musical is filled with fun songs, drama, silly parts, and some difficult lessons. Of course, the kids are going to love hearing about this muscle man and all that he did, but the focus is on knowing that God gave Samson his strength and that God had a plan. God has a plan for us too! One song says,
                          “Don’t worry ‘bout the things that you can’t do.
                           God had a special plan when He made you
                           and you’ll do mighty things if you stay true.
                           Just need to have faith.
                           Don’t have to be strong.
                           Just wanna do great things for God.”
    Those “great things” will probably not be ripping down the gates of the Philistines, but more likely listening to God’s Word and obeying where He has placed each one of us.

    Music Camp has been a part of our church’s outreach for well over 25 years. Todd Gaither and Jeremy Gaines have led and organized these camps with much love and care. Many, many volunteers have poured their time into this special week and keep coming back to do so. Our youth volunteers are just the best, and it is the “cool” thing for them to put on their camp shirts, show up Monday morning, and greet the little theologians as they come in the door.

    Many pictures come to mind when I hear the words “Music Camp.” I see teenagers sitting on the floor of the Fellowship Hall with little kids sitting in their laps, always smiling or laughing. I see adults walking alongside the children to help get them to their next class. I see happy teachers standing up in front of the kids teaching them a Bible lesson, a song, or how to do a craft. I see our amazing folks prepping snacks and handing them out to the hungry children - sweet smiles can be seen from both sides of the table. I see the welcoming faces of office staff amazingly keeping up with close to 200 or more shirt sizes and registration forms (not to mention allergy information). I see Ms. Boo with her volunteers helping everyone have a fantastic time on the field playing games…and would you believe it, she is smiling – Ms. Boo is always smiling!

    I also see the missionary telling the children about their work, and I watch the children’s eyes as they take on that mission, bringing money to help people in need to hear about God’s Story. I see people come on Sunday evening. I look into the audience and am moved. Each person coming will hear the same songs and see the same scenes, yet usually, there is one particular part that touches them most. You cannot watch children singing and praising God without being moved. It is beautiful.

    And then, we see the cars leave. We know that the children are taking the lessons, songs, and memories of the past week with them. Music tends to stay with you. We praise God for this wonderful opportunity.

    We covet your prayers for Music Camp 2022! Please pray for safety, for ears to hear, hearts to receive, for all the volunteers, and for Sunday night. Also, pray for the missionary family that will be our mission focus and for God to bless His work through them.

    Please come join us in the sanctuary this Sunday, June 12 at 6 pm (in person or via livestream) to see the visible product of the week and to give you sweet faces to continue praying for as the non-visible work continues in their hearts. Thank you, church family!

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