08.22.23 | Children's Ministry | by Sara Southard


    This week marks the kickoff of a new semester of the Children’s Ministry at CPC and the return of our Midweek events. As the staff and volunteers have been hard at work getting everything ready (and I personally have been trying to get the last of the needed volunteers in place), I have been thinking about how many people are involved in this ministry.  Here are some of the numbers:

    • There are over 60 children regularly participating in Sunday School and Midweek classes.
    • Every Sunday, 19 adults are involved in teaching the children’s Sunday School classes, and there are 11 every Wednesday leading during Midweek. 
    • This fall we will need 8 nursery volunteers every Sunday and at least 4 every Wednesday to take care of our youngest Covenant children. 
    • These are just the minimum numbers. If any one of these volunteers is sick, out of town, or otherwise unable to be here, we need more volunteers to take their place that day. 

    We are blessed as a church to have so many children in our building each week, but sustaining a safe and healthy Children’s Ministry takes a lot of volunteers! And sometimes these wonderful, committed volunteers need a break or decide it is time to pass the job to someone else. However, finding more volunteers to take those spots is proving to be very difficult. 
    We have an awesome responsibility to prepare the next generation of children to follow Jesus and lead the church. The good news is, we have no shortage of really wonderful kids here at CPC! Would you prayerfully consider volunteering to teach or help in the Children’s Ministry or Nursery this year? If you want more information you can email, call, or stop by my office sometime. I’d love to tell you about the many opportunities available to serve and disciple our Covenant children.

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