06.04.24 | Music Ministry | by Mindy Horton

    I’ve been taught when writing to always convey the 5 W’s: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. So when asked to write about Music Camp, I will attempt to do just that with an extra part at the end for how to pray for Music Camp. Here goes:

    • Who?  Children in our community led by incredible volunteers
    • What?   Music camp – a story from the Old Testament put to music, adding drama, crafts, snacks, recess, and of course daily Bible lessons to teach the story of David and Goliath.
    • When?   This week, with a wonderful program by the children on Sunday, June 9 at 6:00 pm.
    • Where?   Covenant Presbyterian Church, with an ice-cream social in the Fellowship hall afterward the Sunday evening presentation.

    But WHY?
    This question intrigues me. Folks want to know why our people do what they are doing this week. Why does CPC choose to host a Music Camp the first full week of June every year for 30 years?
    I can only answer this for myself, but I feel I can represent the over 80 volunteers that keep coming back to help. I have a few reasons:

    1. CPC does music camp because we love children. Walk into our worship service on Sunday morning and look around. The children are in the service with us. When a baby or toddler cries out, no one panics. We think, “So glad they are here.” We provide a cry room for the training of these “little theologians.” We want children with us because Jesus did too!
    2. People tend remember things that they learn in childhood, and even more so when music is a part of it. Do you? When you hear a few bars from an old hymn you sang as a child, do the words come right back as if they never left? I know it does for my mom who taught me how to sing. She is battling dementia, but she can STILL hum along with the hymns that she used to sing to me. That is powerful! We teach these children songs full of gospel truth with the hopes of making these lessons permanent. (Example: a former child who attended music camp, now grown, married, with children, recently shared that a song from fifteen years ago brought her comfort recently during a challenging spiritual struggle. Praise God! His Word will NOT come back void.)
    3. We allow our children to minister to our congregation and give our children the chance to bless us through songs and drama. Kids love to sing and act. Why not use these gifts for God’s glory and honor while ministering to the audience and also to the children!
    4. Story Telling! Children love stories! Render Caines, CPC’s founding pastor, once told us that we did not have to search for stories and movies to entertain our children. If we just read the Word of God to them as it is written, there are plenty of stories that have everything for good entertainment: drama, romance, battles, rescues, danger, bad guy, good guy, etc. This year’s musical is one of the most famous stories in the Bible. We teach the children where this story is found in Scripture and encourage them to take time to read the Word for themselves.

    As far as the music goes, here are the lyrics to just one of the nine songs that the children will learn this week:

    “Are you taller than a mountain? My God is.
    Stronger than a hurricane? My God is.
    Brighter than a lightening flash at night,
    Faster than a hunting hawk in flight,
    Greater than the fiercest lion’s roar,
    My God is this and more.”
    “Though the danger I face is nine feet tall, sharper than a sword and spear,
    When I wear the name of the Lord my God, I will not fear.
    Though the valley I walk is dark as death and the end of the road is near,
    When I wear the name of the Lord my God, I will not fear.”

    So, that is WHY we do Music Camp (from my perspective). We sincerely appreciate all the volunteers. If you want to help and are willing to pray for Music Camp, here are some prayer requests:

    1. For safety of all involved
    2. For Christine (our missionary focus) as she shares about the orphans and women she serves in Uganda and how we can help
    3. For the office staff as they work to handle logistics smoothly
    4. For Travis Hutchinson and Eric Mullinax as they teach the Bible lessons
    5. For Nicky and the kitchen helpers as they feed a LOT of people all week
    6. For Boo and her helpers in recess - that the temperatures will not be too hot
    7. For Sara and her craft leaders as they share the Bible lessons through each craft
    8. For all the music teachers as they teach the songs (Many of them are also getting their own little campers ready in the mornings.)
    9. For the youth volunteers to connect beautifully with the young campers and enjoy this leadership time (This too can be a seed planted in our young people as a calling for future service.)
    10. For the campers – to have a wonderful week learning more about God’s love for them

    Thank you, CPC family, for the support and prayers. Please come Sunday, June 9 at 6:00pm to enjoy a wonderful program and a delicious ice-cream social afterward. Yes, Goliath WILL BE THERE, but his appearance will be cut short. Ha, ha!

    Many thanks,
    Mindy Horton, Music Camp Director

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