Meet Ryan Hamilton

10.01.21 | News | by John Jones

Meet Ryan Hamilton

    We are pleased to share that our elders have hired Ryan Hamilton to serve as our new Youth Director.


    We are pleased to share that our elders have hired Ryan Hamilton to serve as our new Youth Director. Ryan will begin his ministry with us on October 18.

    Ryan and Kara, and their three boys, join us from North Shore Fellowship (PCA), where he has been serving their youth in a volunteer capacity. Since 2017, Ryan has been a high school teacher serving Christian Heritage School in Dalton, and Veritas Academy and CCS here in Chattanooga. Kara is an assistant professor at UTC in their Department of Health and Human Performance.

    Ryan and Kara have been married for thirteen years. Their eldest, Benjamin, is eight years old and loves reading, playing the piano, and camping in the backyard. Colin is five and loves all things sports and dinosaurs. Theo is two and loves balloons, balls, and hide-and-seek.

    We are happy for the youth of CPC to be led by a man who has been involved in youth ministry ever since high school. As a Samford University student, he studied Classics and was part of Reformed University Fellowship (RUF). It was through campus ministry and life in his church family that he began to sense a call to pastoral ministry. He attended Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Alabama, then served as a University Ministry Intern, Pastor to Students, and Director of Youth Ministry.

    Ryan has a wide spectrum of experience in ministry to middle school and high school students. His personal objective is to develop relationships with our youth and foster their relationships within the church body. He wants them to know that they are valued and loved in their church, and to encourage their participation in the church body.

    We are happy for the addition of Ryan to our ministry team. When Ryan and Kara arrive October 18, our immediate priority will be for the church body to have opportunities to meet the Hamilton family. We’ll schedule various opportunities during worship, Sunday school, and Midweek, so stay tuned for more.

    ~ Pastor John Jones

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