Music Camp

06.06.19 | Youth Ministry | by Jeremy Gaines

Music Camp

    Music Camp

    176 campers, along with 70 teachers and helpers, have converged upon CPC’s campus this week, working together to prepare for a musical in one week’s time. Days have been filled with singing, drama, recess, crafts, Bible class, and snacks. It has taken time and effort from many people with many different gifts to make music camp a success. Music camp pre-dated me, having been started by Todd Gaither in the early 1990’s, so long ago! I inherited that legacy in 2006, and music camp has been and continues to be a fixture not only in our church’s life, but also in the fabric of our community.

    As we gathered this week, children and helpers have learned about missionaries in five different areas serving God in five different ways: puppet ministry, deaf ministry, radio ministry, medical ministry, and church planting ministry. To accomplish these ministries has taken many different skill sets. All have honored and served God through their work and service in different ways.

    If there has been one overarching theme this week, other than the parables being taught each day, it has been this: let your light shine. All of these kids are great in their own special way, and they all have been given unique personalities, gifts, and dreams.

    As a child, or sometimes even as an adult, it can be difficult to figure out how we should serve God. It’s easy to see how a pastor serves God through him being in the front of the church preaching every Sunday. Other ways of serving sometimes are seen in a different light, or to our younger ones, not really seen at all. I have seen several friends at a younger age accept Christ and then feel as if they must enter full-time ministry. This may not be a calling, but more a reaction of wanting to serve and seeing no other tangible way to carry that out.

    I think we can do a better job of helping Christians discover how they are equipped to serve God’s purposes. The example given by these missionaries can show us that God has and will equip His people in special ways in order to serve His kingdom in their own unique way. We all serve as ambassadors of God through our vocations. We can be a witness to God’s love and faithfulness to our co-workers. Moms and dads are equipped by God with the ability to nurture and love their children. Doctors can serve as God’s hands. Those equipped technologically can impact how and who hears God’s word. Puppets, sports, art, theater, music, language study, mechanics, builders, bakers, cooks, cleaners, lawyers (yes, even lawyers), accountants, bankers, teachers, businessmen, plumbers, electricians, counselors, and publishers can all be used in God’s kingdom to declare His glory and love to a fallen world.

    Encourage our children to find their gift. Help them understand how their talents can be used for the kingdom of God. Use your own talents often. As the children have sung this week in one of their many songs, “It isn’t all about you. It isn’t all about me.”

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