The Church, Post-pandemic

05.04.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

The Church, Post-pandemic

    What would you say the church might look like after the pandemic (if there will truly be a post-pandemic)?


    If you are in a predicting mood, what would you say the church might look like after the pandemic (if there will truly be a post-pandemic)? Justin Poythress of Westminster Presbyterian Church (Ft. Myers, Florida) offers his four predictions 

    In brief, his crystal ball reveals to him … 

    1. The death of Sunday school 

    While I understand what he’s saying, I think that churches that view Sunday school as an opportunity for relationship-building in addition to exploration of contentwill carry onChurches that realize that Sunday school is for active learning, and that discipleship engages the head while at the same time engaging the whole person, will continue to value and promote Sunday school. Listen to Jen Wilkin before you decide. 

    1. The death of the multi-campus model

    “So long. Farewell. Aufwiedersehn. Goodnight.”

    1. The resurgence of small and mission churches 

    This cannot be overstated. There is an organic richness of community in smaller churches that is deeply felt and consequently, deeply missed. I anticipate that those from smaller congregations will not only be more likely to yearn to regather quickly (they’ll feel the loss)but they’ll also be more likely to feel empowered to make it happen, to restore what was lost. 

    1. The strengthening of lean churches 

    Yes, I think that churches with a flurry of ministries cast far and wide will, post-pandemic, endeavor to simplify, align and re-align individual ministries under distinct values in clear ways. Previously atomized ministries will likely need to be re-centered and, ultimately, more constrained to ordinary, fundamental means of ministry in the church. The question churches will ask themselves will be, “What’s really fundamental and how can it be made more effective?” 

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