Two of My Favorite Humans

04.22.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

Two of My Favorite Humans

    So, two of your favorite people walk into a room, sit down, and begin to talk. That happens on Dan Doriani’s podcast for the Center for Faith and Work in St. Louis, Missouri.  

    Dr. Doriani is one my favorite people. He is a professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Covenant Theological Seminary (faculty bio). He is the author of lots of books. And he stands out to me as an exceptionally clear thinker and communicator, specializing in making the unendurably complex, clear. 

    For this interview, he sits down to talk to Phil Ryken: Phil Ryken: Living with Dual Callings. Dr. Ryken is another one of my favorite people. He is president of Wheaton College, (faculty bio). He is author of, in Dan’s words, “a truckload of books.” And he stands out to me as a master of integrating the arts and biblical theology. 

    Both of these men are intensely hard workers. They both love sports. They both have very competitive temperaments. They both have very tight workflow habits. They are both extremely curious. They are both patient in their study of stuff, humble enough to admit that the more stuff they know, the more stuff they realize that they don’t know. Just listen.    

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