01.09.20 | by John Jones

    For the first quarter of 2020, I have committed to study closely the topic of hospitality. Partly, this is a result of pondering themes in Romans 12-16, the closing section of Paul’s letter focused on the life of the church body in a...

      Romans in 40 minutes?!

      01.02.20 | Pastor's Notes | by John Jones

      On Sunday, Jan. 12, we will rejoin our preaching series from Romans. Prior to the Advent season we made our way through the end of Romans 11. We begin again with Romans 12.1-2.  In October of last year, Sinclair Ferguson and Ian Hamilton...

        Hallelujah! On Your Feet

        12.19.19 | Worship | by John Wykoff

        We stand for the Hallelujah Chorus, so we’ve been told, following a tradition started by King George II. Upon hearing Handel’s majestic chorus, the king could not contain himself. He rose suddenly to his feet. The rest of the...

          The Second Advent

          12.12.19 | Pastor's Notes | by John Jones

          It may be premature, even anti-spiritual to some, to be looking ahead to the New Year when the season of Advent has just started. You may ask, “Why speed up time? Settle down. Relax.” In the words of Polish...

            Gwilym Davies and Reading Scripture

            12.11.19 | Pastor's Notes | by John Jones

            One of my very favorite preachers, Dr. Liam Goligher of Tenth Presbyterian (PCA) in Philadelphia, recently shared an article written by Dr. Craig Carter of Tyndale University, Toronto. I mentioned this article in my Midweek class...

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