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    God Knows

    11.19.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

    Following Christ requires independent and courageous thinking and acting. The choice often leads us to go against the flow, to stand opposing, to resist the wisdom of the crowd.

      THE Gardener

      11.12.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

      Such a reading of the world’s creation and thoughts of the Master gardener tending to me, stirred a response similar to David’s … “when I survey this vast world, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars and all that you have established...


        09.24.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

        The vast and daunting world of words is met with this thought. God is still the Giver of words and wisdom.

          Practice of Secrecy

          09.03.20 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

          Perhaps this practice of secrecy is why Jesus urged many who he healed not to reveal his identity. Perhaps this practice of secrecy is why Jesus avoided the crowds and would often go off to lonely places to pray.


            07.30.20 | Discipleship | by Eric Mullinax

            The importance of remembering is a theme carried throughout all of Scripture. It is not about static facts or rules or figures, but the mystery of a place, the significance of a person, the marking of lives.


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