Grouped by: Jake Bennett

    Worry & Anxiety

    04.21.20 | Shepherding | by Jake Bennett

    COVID-19, Tornado Disaster, Relief Efforts, Economic Depression… the world is filled with anxiety. How is God shaping you through your anxieties? In preparation for this upcoming Sunday, please watch Pastor Jake’s encouragement on trusting the...

      Good Friday

      04.10.20 | Discipleship | by Jake Bennett

      Today is Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus’s death on the cross, his atonement, his love, his passion for his people…

        Martin Rinkart--The Thankful Pastor

        04.02.20 | Discipleship | by Jake Bennett

        As Pastor John wrote two weeks ago, “we are in unusual times.”  At least they appear unusual to us in our modern world of health care, vaccines, and internet. We are connected around the world in ways we have never been before...


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