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    "Said I, to myself," said I.

    05.13.21 | Discipleship | by Jeremiah Hill

    This month we celebrate a season of graduation at our church, as several of our young people are graduating high school, college, or other programs. With that in mind, here are a few points of encouragement I would make to a younger version of...

      How Do YOU Tell Time?

      04.22.21 | Discipleship | by Jeremy Gaines

      Each one of us has a different way to tell time. Of course, we all have clocks and calendars that divide our lives into neatly defined, equal periods of time. But that’s not how we as creatures of habit tell time.

        Two are Better than One

        03.11.21 | Discipleship | by Todd Gaither

        “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16.13) This sentiment doesn’t win any awards in our culture today. As a matter of fact, popular culture is seemingly more interested in dismantling...

          Lent Reflections

          02.24.21 | Discipleship | by Adam Sanders

          You may have recently noticed your social media feeds full of people hash-tagging their Lent participation this past week – what they are fasting from, receiving ashes on Ash Wednesday, joking about giving up talking to their mother-in-law...

            Election 2020

            11.05.20 | Discipleship | by Jeremiah Hill

            It is good to care about the outcome of our elections. Better still to vote and let your voice be heard...but let us remember our hope is not in the President, or in Congress, or in the Supreme Court...


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