Easter. Again.

    03.25.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

    Easter is here. Again. It was here five years ago, too. And ten years ago. It does seem to keep coming. I’ve been reading a short anthology of essays by people from the world of business; they mostly write about how to be business-y...

      How Barna Asks Questions

      03.25.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

      Many thanks to Russell St. John at World Magazine for some skilled reporting. He exposes a tendency behind Barna researchers in the way they frame their questions.   In Questioning the Survey, St. John asks us...

        Tracing Holy Week

        03.20.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

        At church please pick up a copy of our Holy Week Reading Guide. This guide has been prepared to help you follow the events of the last week of Jesus before His death on the cross. The week begins Saturday evening when Jesus and His disciples...

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