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    Christmas: the Mourner's Holiday

    12.20.22 | Shepherding | by Jake Bennett

    A few years ago I sat down across from a saintly grandmother who had lost her husband of 42 years earlier that same year. Her name was Norma and she had one question for me: “Why did I set the extra plate for Christmas dinner?”

      Be Together

      08.23.22 | Shepherding | by Jake Bennett

      A recent sociologist was quoted as saying that the world has not yet experienced the full societal effects of shutting down in quarantine from COVID-19.

        A Broken Mother

        06.14.22 | Shepherding | by Jake Bennett

        Recently I have been reading through Genesis 11-25 with a particular focus on the life of Sarah. Sometimes we might wonder if life might be easier if we just had some specific revelation from the Lord...

          Personnel Update

          03.08.22 | News | by Jake Bennett

          I have always found this passage to be a beautiful promise that the Apostle Paul recognizes about the Lord. In these verses from Ephesians...


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