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    Our Mission's Strategy

    12.02.21 | Shepherding | by Dan Steere

    We are all increasingly aware of both the opportunities and challenges of living in a global economy. Ease of travel, computer technology, and the availability of the internet have redefined much of what “overseas” means.

      Wine in Personal Experience

      11.04.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

      For several months the elders on the Worship Committee have been discussing the addition of wine to our ordinary celebration of the Lord’s Table. The session (our board of elders)...

        Wine in the History of the Church

        11.03.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

        It is very challenging to reflect upon the role wine may or may not have in Christian worship...Our question is practical: how was wine been used in the life of the Christian church beyond the New Testament era to the present?

          Wine In the Story of Redemption

          11.02.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

          Sometimes it’s difficult to separate details central to the Bible’s story of redemption from details less central. The Bible’s teaching on God, humankind, and Jesus, are critical...

            Our Reformation Heritage

            10.28.21 | Shepherding | by Dan Steere

            While we most often honor the leading reformers like Luther and Calvin, there were a host of others who contributed to the cause, without whom the men we know best would not have accomplished their work...

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