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    Introducing Wine

    10.14.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

    For several months, our church’s Worship Committee and Session (board of elders) have been discussing the addition of wine to our ordinary celebration of the Lord’s Table...

      God's Presence and Blessing

      09.23.21 | Shepherding | by Dan Steere

      The Bible presents us with a much more robust and realistic perspective on the life of faith than is commonly held today. Scripture does not teach that strong faith allows the believer to opt out of the difficult parts of life...

        The Imposition of Change

        09.02.21 | Shepherding | by John Jones

        Last week (Saturday, in fact) change was imposed upon my family. My eldest has been working from home for the past two months. As I head to my office, he sits down in front of two or three monitors, talking heads appear...


          08.26.21 | Shepherding | by Eric Mullinax

          The last (Greek) word of the book of Acts is translated unhindered, though some translations render it with multiple words because of its complexity. Others move the word from its final position for more readable sentence structure.

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