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    Purpose and Security

    05.18.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

    In perusing my database to re-read some of my favorite John Betjeman poems, one in particular stood out to me: "Variation on a Theme by Newbolt." It struck my attention because of a recent midweek talk delivered by William Taylor. 

      No More Generational Arguing

      05.13.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

      I think First Things author and Villanova professor, James Mathew Wilson, misses this point (alas), but it doesn’t matter. By way of personal testimony, he is very aware of how the Gen Xer works. He certainly knows how his (and my) generation...

        Coffee as More Than Diversion

        05.07.21 | Coffee Stained Notebook | by John Jones

        James Harper invented and hosts Filter Stories, a documentary podcast themed by coffee. While I don’t agree with every conclusion he draws from the historical evidence, James’ series, A History of Coffee, is really terrific.

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